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Sponsors and Godparents play very important roles in the spiritual formation and growth of the Catechumens. They journey with the Catechumens, helping and guiding them as they learn more about following Christ and about the Christian way of living. At some point in the RCIA process, the Sponsors and Godparents will in a way represent the Parish community in a certain way, to bear witness and give testimony to the Church regarding the readiness of the inquirers to receive into Catholic Church.
As Sponsors and Godparents, we represent the community of believers and we have to remember that in the RCIA process, "God does the inviting, the catechumens responds and the local community is the instrument and the witness." [The RCIA process, Transforming The Church by Thomas Morris]
While the responsibilities of the Sponsors formally end with the Rite of Election, the responsibilities of the Godparents has just begun. From the Rite of Election onwards, Godparents are to participate together with their Elects (Catechumens known as Elects after the Rite of Election) for the rest of the process up to the period of Mystagogy. The Godparent will also be a source of guidance, support and care to the Elects throughout his/her Christian life.
Although after the Rite of Election, the Elects will spend more time with their Godparents, the Sponsors are however, encouraged to continue to being a friend and a guide to the Elects throughout the remaining process.
1. Roles and Responsibilities
2. Who can be a Sponsor ?
3. Who can be Godparents ?

Sponsors and Godparents must be good practising Catholics. They are people who want to share their God experience with others so that others too may come to know and share in this wonderful love of God.
As sponsors and Godparents will be involved in the faith formation and spiritual growth of the Catechumens, they must be:

  • Spiritual friends to the Catechumens - to care and support them during this period of growth. Serve as a support and friend to the Catechumen.
  • welcoming people - be friendly, be good listener, make them feel welcome to the Church, be a resource person to the Catchumens, introduce them to other parishioners
  • faith sharers - to tell stories of your faith, about living the Christian way of life, about how your own lives have changed. You are not expected to catechize but by sharing your fatih, you are pointing them to the Lord as a destination in their journey. You are a model of faith to show what being a Catholic is all about. The catechumens will be able to 'catch' from you the life and spirit of the Church.
  • people of prayers - to pray is to communicate with God. Praying will also help you draw strength from God and the Holy Spirit to help you in guiding the Catechumens in their journey faith.
  • able to reflect on scriptures - to know the bible is to know God and to know Jesus

  • Towards the final stages of the RCIA process, the sponsors will be required to write a testimony or a crtique about their Catechumens. Some of the questions that sponsors need to answer about their Catechumens are :
  • Do they attend MASS regularly ?
  • How are their prayer life ?
  • Do they read the bible ?
  • Did you notice any change in their life since the first time you met them?
  • Do they believe in the Creed ?
  • Note for Sponsors:
  • You are expected to attend the weekly RCIA session on every week at 8.00pm
  • After the Rite of Acceptance, you are required to attend the Rite of Dismissal and the Breaking Open the Word on Sundays at the 12.30pm Mass
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    "Sponsors are members of the local community who are chosen to accompany the candidates and catechumens through the initial periods of conversion". [The RCIA process, Transforming The Church by Thomas Morris]
    The sponsor must be a good practising and Confirmed Catholic. Sponsors will be the direct support to the Candidate or Catechumen. They will also help in the discernment process for the Candidate or Catechumens and give testimony at the Rite of Acceptance into the order of Catechumenate.
    The following groups of people CANNOT be a sponsor to the Candidate or Catechumens:
  • Spouse
  • Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, Relatives
  • Friend - although you cannot be a sponsor to your friend undergoing the RCIA process, you however, can be a sponsor to other Candidates or Catechumens.
  • For all of the above groups of people, if any of them chooses to accompany the Candidate or Catechumens throughout the process, they will be called Companions.
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    Godparent must be at least 16 years of age, a good practising and Confirmed Catholic. The Godparent will guide the Catechumen in the final stages of the RCIA process - formally after Rite of Election. Realistically, the Godparent is encouraged to be with the Catechumen even before that. The Godparent continues as a companion with the Catechumen throughout life.
    The Godparent will participate with the Catechumen in all the rituals such as giving testimony at the Rite of Election, witness the celebration at the Rite of Initiation and throughout the Mystagogy period. As such, it is encouraged that Godparents be involved in the faith formation of their Catechumens as early as possible.
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    Words of Encouragement to
    the Participants of RCIA 2007

    Welcome into our Catholic Family of Faith centered in the Eucharist, nourished by God's Word and faithful to the sacramental life of the Church. You have accepted the Lord in your life. As the Lord continues to call souls, let us pray with a fervent heart for His strength, to be faithful labourers who continuously win souls for the glory of God. By our deeds as disciples we are to influence the world for good. Let us be useful as flavoured salt of the earth, and a lamp that gives light to all so that they may see our good deeds and glorify our heavenly Father. [Matthew 5:13-16]....
    Christina Lim (Sponsor, Nov 2007)
    Dear Newly Baptised Brothers and Sisters In Christ
    Congratulations. You have made it to the final leg of the RCIA journey. Like you, I am a convert.
    A good gift is given twice. I was given the gift of love and serviced by my sponsor and the RCIA team years ago. A truly good gift must be passed on. God has given me the opportunity to serve as a sponsor to pass on the gift. I hope that you will continue to pass this gift to others, not necessarily to be a sponsor. You can serve God in other ministries where you feel a calling. Pass it on. It only takes a spark to get the fire going… :) ...
    Raymond Cheong (Sponsor, Nov 2007)
    Dear Neophytes
    Congratulations to all of you for successfully going through the Rite of Initiation. It is a long almost 1 year RCIA process that you have undergone. I pray that you have all benefited from the process and through it discover the person of Jesus and about God our Loving Father. The journey has only started for you and I pray that you will continue to live a faithful Christian life, always searching for the truth and praying for the faith to know God even more. Congratulations once again to all of you for publicly declaring God your Father and continue the mission of Christ which is to build the Kingdom of God....
    Desmond Lim (Sponsor, Nov 2007)
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    My name is Stella Rozario and for the last two years or so, I always had the urge of getting involved with the Church but somehow it was always put off…
    I was approach by Miss Lisa Wong to be her sponsor and I strongly believe this was the calling …..
    I was chosen to be a sponsor for the first time and I had to be more responsible and significance of being chose to share my faith and personal experience with someone less familiar……..
    I witness during this one year journey that the Catholic Church welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds into the RCIA process. The RCIA process, in fact, is specifically designed to help adults make informed decisions about their faith as well as a renewal of faith through prayer and meditation.
    I was anxious and worried at the same time as this was my first time being a sponsor. I turned to the Lord and prayed for guidance that I may lead my God-Child through this journey in preparation of receiving HIM through Baptism.
    I was a born Catholic and when to a convent school. Everything was taught straight off the Bible. Back then, we do not question on the faith.
    During this RCIA programme, I was transported back to the time when I started learning the Bible. Only this time, I am here to guide as well. Through this, I came to understand the Bible better. Seeing what I did not see and hearing what I did not hear! Knowing, what ‘Eucharist” mean and what is the ‘Holy Trinity” truly is!
    I had my first experience with the Carmelite Nuns and they shared their reason for giving up everything just to know God, Our Father better! It is thru this experience that I have learned to be more patient and forgiving.
    I enjoyed the retreat, where we had fun, plenty of laughter and at the same time learning to understand what will Life Be, if we are Blind. And that’s where; we turn to one another for support and to learn to trust the person infront of you which is leading you! From here I learn that I have to trust God and he will lead us thru what ever obstacle and challenges there is in Life.
    There is this short story that I would like to share with you.
    There was this Family who lived by the railway. A man, his wife and a son. Each and every day, the man would go to the cross roads and will manually shift the rail lever so that the approaching train would take the correct path to their destination.
    One path would go across a bridge to the other side of the country. It was under this bridge that the little boy would sometimes play. Whenever a train is heading that way, he would quickly climb to safety as staying under the bridge then would mean certain death.
    One day, a train was on its way towards the bridge. The man was looking for his son when he found him lying on his back under the bridge. The little boy had fallen and could not climb out to safety. The man tried as quickly as he could to save the boy but could not. He could not stop the speeding train nor switch the lever on the rail as the train would not be able to slow down on time. This would also cause the train to derail, thus killing all the passengers.
    Without much choice, he went to the lever and made the switch …….. the sadness and sorrow in his heart was so tremendous that he fell to the ground as soon as he pulled the switch …….. He knew that his only son was gone. However, he knows also that by sacrificing his only son, he saved the many on the train.
    My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, this journey with each and every one of you have indeed opened my heart to the Lord!
    With this :
    Welcome my Dear Brothers and Sisters, to our new Life with the Lord.
    I Thank you & God Bless.
    Nov 2006
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