Dear Parents/Guardian,


We are pleased to inform you the details of the Confirmation Two camp which will be held on the 11th to 13th June 2005 in Majodi Centre at Malaysia.



Address of Camp Location:  Majodi Centre

Lot 2101, Jalan Masai, Plentong

81759 Masai, Johor, Malaysia.


Map Location:



Contact number of the campsite:      Tel: 07-3871121/ 3874615


Please note that your child would need to be present in the Church at 7 a.m. on 11th June for attendance taking. After which, a bus will fetch them to the campsite.


Proper bedding and meals for 4 times a day will be provided. A 24-hour clinic is also available at the campsite.


We have also included a checklist, which can be found on the next page, to ease packing for your child.


If you have any queries, you may reach me at _______________. Alternatively, you can also call Nicholas at _________if you need to reach your child in Malaysia.


You can be rest assured that measures will be taken to ensure your child’s safety.


Once again, we thank you for your support and we pray that your child’s faith will be further enriched with this camp.


Yours sincerely,


Russell Tan

Camp I/C


Checklist for Con Two Camp


Ž 4 sets of sportswear (shorts and shirts)


Ž 1 set of proper attire for Mass


Ž 2 sets of sleepwear


Ž Sweater / Windbreaker


Ž Socks


Ž Undergarments


Ž 1 pair of sports shoes


Ž 1 pair of slippers / sandals


Ž Torchlight


Ž Extra batteries for torchlight


Ž Writing materials (Pen / Pencil / Eraser)


Ž Medication (If you are on medication, please inform your catechist)


Ž Toiletries


Ž Passport (Ensure that it is valid for at least the next 6 months)


Ž Whistle